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Floating Vinyl Hybrid Flooring

Hybrid is probably the most popular type of flooring at the moment. It’s hard wearing, waterproof and looks good.



It’s made up of several layers pressed together to make a solid and durable floor.

  • There is no need for underlay as the bottom layer takes care of this (saving you money)

  • A limestone composite in the middle is where the waterproof aspect of the flooring comes from.

  • The design layer is the decorative part and makes the flooring look like beautiful solid timber.

  • On the top is a coating that provides the durability.


Hybrid comes in different thicknesses (starting at 5mm). The thicker the hybrid, the more you will pay.


This flooring is great value for money. Compared to laminate, it’s a little more expensive but hybrid is waterproof and more hard wearing. 


Hybrid flooring can be laid on top of tiles or straight onto the concrete subfloor.

6 blackbutt vinyl 6.5mm on concrete.jpg
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